January 7, 2016

How to Hatch a Baby Chick

I saw her mischievously sneaking around the corner of the house.
  From the direction of the chicken house.  
Her coat as wrapped tightly around her but there was a small bundle
 held awkwardly in front...hidden...too small to be a chicken.
(that happens a lot)
Miss B. tried to bypass me but thankful she lies as good as her mom and I knew something was up.
She sheepishly showed me Lavern's {the chicken} egg.  Still warm.
And lovingly wrapped up in her coat so the "baby" would stay warm 
while Lavern decided to stroll around the yard.
How to Hatch a Baby Chick?   by Miss B. (age 5)
"1. Ask the mommy chicken if you can have an egg
2. Hold it in your hands very carefully
3. Keep it warm
4. Don't run with it or shake it
5. Watch it very carefully until it has a crack
6. When the baby comes out you can sleep with it
 to protect it from the raccoons"

I love this tiny window into her thoughts 
and see that inside this ornery little outspoken girl is goodness and love and selflessness.
The sweetness to take care of an unprotected little egg.  
God has great plans for you, Miss B!

Count your blessings
#7 chicken eggs
#8 imaginations
#9 chicken wire

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