January 23, 2016

Jesus Gives the Best Hugs

Sitting on a little bench trying to conquer the imposing mountain of laundry.
Little man came over and help his arms out.
"I'll help, mom."
So sweet...he still thinks putting laundry away is fun.
I couldn't help myself and leaned over to kiss his soft cheek.
Miss B didn't want left out and came over quick to get a hug.
I acted surprised and said, "Oh, you give the BEST hugs."
"No, Jesus gives the best hugs," she said.

Out of the mouth of babes.
The best gift I can give my kids is siblings.
Now if I can only teach them to treasure and appreciate this!

Count Your Blessings
#13 rocking chairs
#14 story books
#15 phonics

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